About SERVe

About SERVe

The Study for Employment Retention of Veterans is a program in partnership with Portland State University and Oregon Health & Science University focused on modifying the workplace to improve veteran reintegration-related experiences. SERVe seeks to decrease veteran job strain, increase veteran psychological health, physical health, marital quality, job satisfaction, and ultimately, job retention. The study is developing and testing the effectiveness of Veteran Supportive Supervisory Training (VSST), a supervisor training and behavioral self-monitoring activity designed to increase supervisor support for transitioning veterans following deployment. Specifically, we are examining the effects of VSST on the veteran worker health and well-being, family health and well-being, and organizational outcomes at baseline, 3, and 9 months.

Veteran and Daughter

The information we learn from veterans and their partners will help us design and implement civilian supervisor training intended to decrease work-life stress, and increase overall health and happiness for veterans and their families. In addition, we are conducting a Daily Family Study with a subsample of veterans and their spouses/partners to examine daily stressors experienced in the family domain and how they spill over to work.

By 2018 more than one million National Guard and Reservists and two million other men and women in the prime of their lives will have served overseas on extended tours for the U.S. armed forces (U.S. Dept of VA, 2007/2011). These critical federal missions often separate mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and employees vital to our economic recovery from their homes, loved ones, and communities for up to a year or more. Thousands of others in the National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard will have put their lives on the line responding to domestic and international emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, piracy and other natural or man-made disasters. These men and women all serve important roles in the safety of our nation. SERVe is a first-of-a-kind program aimed at improving the civilian workplace success and family integrity of our invaluable veterans and reservists.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Leslie Hammer is an Occupational Health and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist working with a research team from Portland State University and Oregon Health & Science University.