Research Team

SERVe Primary Researchers


Dr. Leslie Hammer - DoD Grant Recipient/Principal Investigator

Leslie Hammer received her Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Hammer is a Scientist in the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at OHSU, a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Portland State University, and is the Director of the PSU Occupational Health Psychology graduate training program. She serves as Director of the Center for Work-Family Stress, Safety & Health, Work, Family & Health Network, and is the Associate Director of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center. Dr. Hammer's research focuses on ways in which organizations can help reduce work and family stress and improve positive spillover among employees by facilitating both formal and informal workplace supports, such as Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior training. She is a Past Founding President of the Society for Occupational Health Psychology and is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association. SERVe study - Dr. Hammer is the Principal Investigator on this project and oversees all aspects of project functioning.

Dr. Kathleen Carlson - Co-Investigator

Kathleen Carlson, Ph.D. trained in occupational health, injury epidemiology, and health services research and has been conducting research with the VA since 2006. Her work focuses on the co-occurrence of physical and psychological trauma among returning veterans and their post-deployment reintegration into families, work, and community. Dr. Carlson's research also focuses on the epidemiology, prevention and control of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other injuries. SERVe study - Dr. Carlson's Co-Investigator/VA role includes guidance in the development and modification of the supervisor training materials, development of survey measures, and veteran and employer recruitment.  

Dr. Krista Brockwood - Senior Researcher/Project Manager

Krista Brockwood served in the U.S. Army from 1988-1992 as a 98G, Cryptologic Linguist - German (now reclassified as 35P).  Dr. Brockwood is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, and received her Ph.D. from Portland State University in 2002. She was an assistant professor at the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University from 2003 until 2007. She joined Dr. Hammer in 2008 to become project manager for the Center for Work-Family Stress, Safety and Health, overseeing two prior grants through the organization. SERVe study - Dr. Brockwood's dual roles of Project Manager and Senior Research Associate include overseeing the daily management of the study, with primary responsibilities of veteran and employer recruitment and data collection. 

Dr. Kent Anger - Co-Investigator/NwETA 

Kent Anger is President of Northwest Education, Training and Assessment and an Associate Director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (formerly CROET) at Oregon Health & Science University , the Director of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center and a professor of behavioral neuroscience and Public Health & Preventive Medicine at OHSU. Dr. Anger has extensive research experience developing, systematizing, and applying neurobehavioral and psychological tests to identify and characterize neurotoxic exposures and training to minimize hazards, increase work-life balance and confront violence at the workplace. His work has most recently led to the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of behaviorally-based computer training methods. SERVe study - Dr. Anger's primary objectives as Co-Investigator are participating in the development, piloting, and modification of training content via cTRAIN, as well as overseeing server and data security.

Dr. Ryan Olson - Co-Investigator

Dr. Olson's research focuses on Total Worker Health interventions for lone workers, and on behavioral self-management methods. His research includes the development of the smart phone, iPod, and web-based applications to help people self-monitor daily behaviors and personal monitor goal progress. Dr. Olson is currently leading randomized trials of Total Worker Health interventions for both truck drivers (NHLBI) and home care workers (NIOSH). His past and ongoing collaborations with Dr. Leslie Hammer have involved the design of behavioral self-monitoring processes to support transfer of training in supportive supervision. SERVe study - Dr. Olson's Co-Investigator/OHSU role and primary objectives are to design, implement, and evaluate the self-monitoring component of the study, which is intended to support transfer of supervisor training to the work environment.

Dr. Brad Wipfli - Investigator

Dr. Wipfli's background is in exercise and health psychology, and he has been conducting research at OHSU since 2008. His research is focused on the role of biomarkers in the relationship between physical activity and mental health, along with developing and implementing Total Worker Health interventions. Dr. Wipfli was also involved with the design and implementation of a behavioral self-monitoring iPhone app for the Work, Family, and Health Network study. SERVe study - Dr. Wipfli's Investigator/OHSU role and primary objectives are to design, implement, and evaluate the self-monitoring component of the study, and to design and maintain the website where the computer-based training and self-monitoring components will reside. 

Phoenix Rainbird - Research Analyst

Phoenix graduated in June 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a focus on I/O Psychology. Her father served with the Marines in the Vietnam War and was able to directly transfer his military skills into a career in law enforcement. Her distinct interest in this project lies in how personal and professional skills learned through military service are best utilized in civilian life. SERVe study - Phoenix's role of Administrative Research Analyst keeps her focused on the pulse of the study and directly aligned with all on the team. Her primary tasks are researching and developing the training, assisting the project manager in keeping the study organized, and gathering and tracking participant information.  

Portland State University Team

Dr. Cynthia Mohr - Director, Daily Family Study

Cynthia Mohr received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1999, where she studied interpersonal relationships and health behavior. She has expertise in daily process methodology, involving the completion of daily surveys describing such things as daily stresses, social interactions and health behaviors for approximately 3-5 weeks. Her research also studies relationship functioning from the perspective of both relationship partners. SERVe study - Dr. Mohr's Co-Investigator role and primary objectives are heading up the team focused on the Daily Family Study of veterans and their significant others. Dr. Mohr is responsible for all aspects of the DFS design, implementation and analysis. 

Dr. Todd Bodner - Co-Investigator/Methods

Todd Bodner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Portland State University. He received his doctorate in Social Psychology and a master's degree in Statistics from Harvard University in 2000. His current research involves the evaluation of statistical methods commonly used by practicing researchers, including the general linear model, structural equation models, meta-analytic methods, and methods for handling missing data. SERVe study - Dr. Bodner's Co-Investigator role and primary objectives are assisting in all aspects of the research design and development, plus data preparation and analysis. 

Scott Thurman - Research Analyst

Scott graduated with Honors in 2013, with a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Oregon University. The focal areas of his education were Psychology/Gerontology and Health. He presently serves as a combat medic in the Oregon Army National Guard, and has done so for the past 14 years. Scott deployed three times: to Kuwait, Iraq, and stateside to serve as part of the support/clean-up efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. SERVe study - Scott is the Military Research Assistant on the project. His primary responsibilities are recruitment and retention of our employer partners. This involves employer recruitment, followed by individual supervisor recruitment throughout the State of Oregon.