Veterans at the Oregon State Capitol

The Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe) was funded by the Department of Defense and active from 2013 to 2018. The research project was designed to make a positive difference in the lives of Oregon Veterans and current Service Members by improving their experiences in their civilian workplaces. Supervisors in organizations across the state were trained to understand the inherent strengths that employees with military experience possess, recognize some of the unique challenges that Veterans and Servicemembers face when transitioning to the civilian sector, and to adopt practices that support Veterans and Servicemember’s family lives and performance at work, employment retention, health and well-being.

This study was a product of the joint efforts of researchers at Portland State University, Oregon Health & Science University, and the Portland VA Medical Center. As such, we have combined decades of experience and insight into effective training programs. For this specific population of interest, the training we developed focuses on ways in which supervisors at work can positively impact the lives of the Veterans and Servicemembers they employ

 We are proud to confirm that 42 organizations agreed to participate in this study. Visit our About SERVe page to find out more about the study, and see our SERVe Summary Report and Publications page to find out more about the study participation rate and other information about the training along with a list of our current publications. 

"Our veterans are our nation's greatest asset, but it is not a surprise that the impacts of war can challenge their reintegration back home. The continuing education and employment of our veterans is essential; Dr. Hammer's study at PSU will help chart a path for our employers to understand veterans' experiences and ensure their retention as valuable employees.The men and women of our military stood up to serve our nation and it is our honor to help them continue to serve as they transition back to our communities."-Cameron Smith, Director of the Department of Veterans' Affairs
The SERVe team would like to recognize the following people and organizations for their support:

Former Governor Kitzhaber
Former Governor Kulongoski
Former Adjutant General Daniel Hokanson, ORNG
Multnomah County Task Force on Veteran Affairs
Cameron Smith, Director, Oregon Department of Veteran's Affairs

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs

    Oregon National Guard     Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve     Oregon Employer Council    Lines for Life    Hero 2 Hired    Blue Sun Inc.    Fairlight Bakery    Returning Veterans Project


SERVe is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense
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